My place to sleep

When travelling on business I slept best whenever I slept in hotels. Maybe because those were nice hotels. Or maybe because the whole room was mine and only mine. Or.. maybe because the whole army of specialists worked on the bed ergonomy, mattress flexibility, cover weight and pillow filling. It is possible that the reason were all those aspects together at once. Still, my best sleep environment ever was hotels.

Each of my hotel rooms had background music, bedside reading lamp that you can switch off directly from bed and curtains almost closed, so that you could know it was morning when the daylight came in. Hotel TV never had anything interesting to watch and to switch on pay-TV you need at least one-two hours. So I rarely watched TV before going to bed as it was usually late evening when I got there.

I prefer to answer my email during the day than after having some wine during dinner so try to avoid working in the evenings. This makes hotel evenings my me-time. I could take a bath, prepare for the next day and curl up in super-comfy bed all snug and warm with my book.

Home sweet home?

Since I no longer fly away every second week, my main and only bedroom is my home bedroom. So I needed to improve my sleeping comfort at home and bring some of that hotel awesomeness and snugness to my place.

In the meantime I moved. My new place has smaller bedroom but new, comfy bed with brand new mattress. I didn’t go to the store this time, I bought it online. The store offered initial questionnaire to fit the mattress to my sleeping habits and preferences of thickness, softness, elasticity and some other features I don’t even remember. The store page “proposed” few products, matching my initial criteria. As the seller was accepting few weeks returns, I paid online and I had a roll of new mattress a few days later. Surprisingly, it is the most comfortable mattress I ever owned. I definitely recommend to give a try to such a modern process.

Beside mattress, the other most important element was my pillow. After many years of sleeping on small, flat pillows I decided it’s time for something new. I really dislike sinking into big pillows so during perfect pillow searching quest I bought buckwheat-filled pillow that is a bit like japanese zafu pillow but it was too cold to sleep on during winter. After consulting my physiotherapist I finally bought new superpillow, supporting neck, made with memory foam. It is truly invaluable if you sleep face up.

With this comfortable sleeping nest I invested in some reading lights as I love bedtime reading and some material blinds to cover my windows.

Bedroom to sleep

During organizing the new apartment I decided to keep my TV only to the living room. In my bedroom there is no wifi as the router signal is not reaching there. It makes it impossible to watch movies in bedroom. So thanks to that my bedroom is a perfect place for evening chill out and restful sleep.

All these elements - comfort mattress, dimmed light, supporting pillow, new satin covers, low temperature compared to the rest of the apartment are the reason that I go to bed happy every night.

The get-to-bed process starts naturally much earlier in one’s head but that is a totally different topic.

My place to sleep

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