Every human being is in possession of life energy that can be used to fuel events, reactions, feelings - both positive and negative. Americans popularized positive thinking, that is no other than feeding positive elements with one’s energy for their materialization. According to Huna - the hawaiian philosophy of life - energy flows where attention goes. Meaning - you get what you focus on. 

Like attracts like. Gallup research analyzing 105 teams in six three-months sessions shows that members of the team, that declared wellbeing had 20% higher chance to work with similarly feeling people after six months.

It is good to be aware of this mechanism and focus own energy in areas most important for us instead of feeding negative emotions and therefore also events. It helps us to function efficiently in all aspects of life. 

To rebuild and reinforce the stock of own life energy we created MeBeing - unique practicing program. Refreshing own energy is not a complicated process, requiring coach, higher degree and years of certification. Everyone can make it happen for oneself wherever and whenever needed.

MeBeing is the relaxation and focusing system, consisting of practices - sets of smooth body movements, mixed with meditation and color-supported breathing. Easy to follow along and remember, no sweat or special environment needed. 

Full practice is built with three parts - energetic detox, body relaxation and meditation. There are also short forms of MeBeing available, focused on specific needs we all sometimes experience every day, like feeling low, sleepy, stressed or distracted.

What you need to do most of the practices is several minutes and comfortable position. Thanks to this you can use them during the day, in the office, in the evening at home or on the way - practically anywhere. Whenever and wherever you need. The practices can be used as a short break in daily work or simply as a coffee break. MeBeing is the method allowing to rebuild your energy supply, regaining internal balance or putting some distance between external events and ourselves. Practicing systematically supports increasing stress resistance and wellbeing. 

In the long run using “coffee breaks” for practicing focus on ourselves prevents feeling exhausted or getting into negative emotional spirals. 

Feeling low or negative? Turn to yourself and catch a breath. 


Who are we?

Klaudia is a grounded person, pragmatic and self aware. All the time searching for inspiration and new ways that help living to the full. She understands that all change must start from one and puts this belief into practice. Mother of two great daughters. Loves to read a lot. Passionate about dancing and windsurfing that she shares with all the family. 

Many years spent in international sales of corporate world. Pragmatic approach to life helps her in negotiations.

Patricia is curious about the world and what moves people around. She loves exotic travel, asian food and fast cars in random order. Passionately hosts friends and cooks for them. She appreciates the trend of mindfulness that she tries to apply into everyday life.

Political scientist by education, marketing person by profession, explorer by nature. Works on seeing big picture of things to see the true beneficiary of events and real intentions. Sees constant inspiration in the world around.

Two women, friends for 25 years, blond and dark haired, married woman and single, one down to earth, other one emotional. Smart, cats loving and world curious, both willing to experience world, new things, grow awareness. Both mind the Earth, nature and Universe. And both plan to live as long as possible and in great shape.

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