What for?

Working on payroll, living in a big city and big hurry, being more and more stressed and tired we’re looking for methods to get some time beyond the daily grind. Some time to rest, get a different view of things. So we find new fitness class, buy some club membership or sign up for the new activity. We book the day spa or weekend away from home, we go party into town. Unfortunately these are mostly “quick fixes” for a day or two. Only few of these will stay for longer and help change how we feel in the long run. Also, some of those are mostly available for singles with a corporate lifestyle.

When stress appears, there is often irritation, anger outbursts, nervousness and uneasiness. Research proves this problem is widespread. Regus Group reports run in 100 countries on over 22 000 business employees show stress levels increase everywhere and over half of employees across the world (53%) admits to be closer to burnout than five years earlier. In Poland, according to IKP, 11 million employees declare feeling exhausted.

The source of the phenomenon is cumulation of multiple elements with stress, sleep deficit, lack of physical activity, inability to rest being the major ones. As a result plenty of employees gets mood swings, cannot get up in the morning, works very long hours, cannot focus on the task at hand which shortly leads to feeling helpless and without purpose in life. Did you know that over half of us sleeps less than seven hours a day during the work week and one in four less than six hours a day?

Most of us handles this challenging lifestyle using different methods. Recently it’s in fashion to practice yoga or mindfulness that both fit into the trend of managing self in reality as well as in more eco, closer to nature lifestyle trend. Thanks to all-available internet we can practice whatever we want, not leaving our home. If we feel more social we can also join one of many groups on the way to the office.

To do exactly this - regain emotional balance, rebuild energy supply or just relax with no sweat or hustle - MeBeing was created. The system allowing to rest during the day for anyone who needs it and “has no time for oneself”.

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