Orange is recognized in color therapy as the color of joy of life, enthusiasm and health. As a mixture of red and yellow, it combines physical energy with mental wisdom. Orange manifests itself in kindness [...]


Sunny yellow is the color of the sun, the brightest of the colors of life energy. It is placed in the solar plexus - the central point of the body. Its main domain is joy in all kinds - joy of communication, of life [...]


Indigo is a color associated in yoga with the third eye chakra, which is the channel connecting both brain hemispheres. It is located in the center of the head at the height of the pineal gland. Its domain is vision. [...]


Purple is the color of the higher Self placed in the crown of the head, in yoga it is called the crown chakra. As with other colors, also the location of violet indicates its domain and main areas of influence [...]


The most energetic of life energy colors - red - is placed in human body around the pelvis area. It performs multiple functions linked both to its placement and to its temperature. The domain of red is, among others [...]


The location of green in the chest immediately indicates the main areas of influence and the domain of this color. This is all that is associated with the heart and soul, both in the mental and physical sense.


Blue is the color of life energy located in the human body near the throat, which immediately indicates the main domain of its action. It is everything associated with self-expression [...]
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