I'll think about it tomorrow

“After all, tomorrow is another day” used to say Scarlett O’Hara - heroine of “Gone with the wind” - in dramatic moments, requiring her to make a decision or act. These scenes, wrapped in a movie into beautiful costumes, dramatic circumstances and sublime music moved, and the statement "I will think about it tomorrow" came to reality. From a perspective, we know that this strategy usually provided Scarlett with new trouble.

The strategy of postponing, doing something at the last moment, "at five to twelve" is known to everyone - either we use it ourselves or we have come across someone who does it. Certainly, most adults would like to dismiss such procrastination with one word - childish. Is it really childish though? After all, it is adults who stop children's impulses by giving commands - not now, think first, think again. They educate adults who are postponing various matters the same way. Especially those matters that require action.

Excuses or delaying strategy?

Postponing solving any existing problem involves distracting your attention - this is where Scarlett's 'I'll think about it later' is clear. We get busy helping others, throw ourselves into apparent pleasures, alcohol abuse - all this is a kind of anesthesia. With those we avoid necessary medical examinations, change of job, conversation with the bank about the debt, settling the case in the office - there are plenty of examples.

At some point in my life I came to perfection in playing Scarlett - I didn't even receive registered letters. Such a delaying strategy - if I hide my head in the sand, like an ostrich, and cannot see the surroundings, it also cannot see me and problems have no access to me. A fundamentally incorrect assumption. Now I know that this is not a good life strategy, because these postponed matters are accumulating themselves. And it is not so much about their actual weight or single importance, but rather a multitude of thoughts in the head and a squeeze of stress in the stomach. Sometimes a sudden awakening in the middle of the night with a persistent feeling that I forgot something ...

And the solution is simple - just child's play - to settle things, or at least start to settle if they are complex and complicated. One at the time. Each "straightened" thing gives birth to bliss in the solar plexus, joy, a sense of self-pride and a growing desire to deal with other issues. New ideas, plans, dreams appear - all you need to do is free your head. Every "problem" solved - I put the word in quotation marks especially because they are actually things to do, which become a problem when they are not settled on a regular basis - so every such problem when it is solved makes room for new ideas, for what is really important.

Distance, proportions and breath

That is why it is worth getting some distance, bringing the bothering problem to the right proportions. In other words, seeing it from the right perspective, in the pattern of all events, time, life - on a rational level. In order to be able to reach the rational level, I need to calm down, restrain the urge to immediately engage in something else or anaesthetize myself. That's when you need to focus on yourself, take a full breath, look around and see reality. It is not as scary as it sometimes seems. Recently, I had to deal with a trivial (from a perspective) case in social insurance. Because this was my first such case, I felt scared and convinced myself that I would obtain nothing. What helped me to enter the "lion's mouth" at all? Deep breath, a bit of blue color in my mind and repeating "it is my friend". I dealt with the matter in a friendly environment.

I'll think about it tomorrow

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